Just Wrote a Ranty Draft

And this is the alternative post I’m deciding to make instead.  I know there are a couple of people that read this, and know who I am, and so I don’t want to write crap about them on here that they’d figure out.  I’m just really frustrated, and at a loss.  There’s a person who, I just don’t understand their perspective.  It makes absolutely no sense to me.  At all.  I can’t see the connection between what they’re doing and what they’re supposedly trying to achieve.  If anything they’re actively working AGAINST it.  I mean, it’s a little better right now, but then there are these other little things that are just petty and passive aggressive.  Like, just buy in already.  I took care of my end,  now it’s their turn!

New Treatment Intake

Had an intake appointment for a new mental health treatment programme/clinic.  Went really well, I think.  I am optimistic about this clinic.  I liked the doctor, for as far as I knew him.

Was less than 10 minutes late getting back to my car, and got a ticket.  That’s famously annoying, but what can you do?

Tentatively Optimistic Again

If I can get past the hurdle that no one is talking to each other right now, so we can’t discuss the issues that are causing no one to talk (I might watch Catch 22 later, lol) I think I am really onto something that could break through the deadlock.  I’m really hoping I’ve hit at the core of this whole problem, and looked at it from multiple sides.  I know that I can’t completely see it from other people’s side(s), and they’ll have further input from their perspective(s), but I think I might have a framework that gets us down to brass tacks.  I’m really hoping this is the start of things moving forward, instead of sliding uncontrollably backward like they are now.  I’m pretty damn pleased with myself, to be perfectly honest.

Don’t know if…

I don’t know if I’ve done just about the last thing I can do to turn around the thing I’m trying to turn around.  I think it’s probably the second or third to last thing, when I imagine what steps I would take next, if this effort proves fruitless.  This will be a pretty massive blow if it results in the same vacuum of results.  Well, fingers crossed.  I’m remaining hopeful.