I’m sorry for the times I wouldn’t listen to your perspective, and especially the times I just shut you down immediately, as though only my opinion mattered.  I’ve realized that, because I do that, it’s completely rational that you would assume I wasn’t open to what you had to say.  It was my fault that you didn’t feel safe expressing things that are important to you.  So, as much as it frustrated me and I found it hurtful that you would assume I wasn’t going to listen, I realise now that I am guilty of creating that environment of disrespect and contempt.

I’m sorry, and I want to change.  I don’t want to treat you dismissively, or belittle you anymore.

The Doctor

The Doctor is a woman!  I’m imagining how you would react to the news.  I’m devastated not to be able to share in it.  I haven’t been able to watch it since you left, so I won’t be too affected, I guess.

I hope they do a great job of writing and portraying her.  I hope it’s every bit as brilliant as you hope.