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Haiku out of Africa

it was your last wish ~ I stand holding your goodbyes ~ in both of my hands — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa

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I deserve everything that’s happened to me, everything bad thing I have ever imagined happening to me, and more.

And this?  This is where I was when I ran away from God.  Because even God would have to hate me.  How could He forgive me?   How could He love me?

I still don’t know how, but this time I know He does  and this time I know that I don’t know better than Him.

This time, though my wretched passions tell me I want to die, to be annihilated, my reason tells me to run toward my God.  I am slow as usual, for my feet feel heavy, but I trudge, and I trudge after You, my Lord.  I will lift my cross, and follow You.