Better to recognize it at least

Whatever combination of depression and anxiety this is, it’s a familiar one.  It’s the one that makes me want to lash out at others.   It makes me want to yell and make someone else feel terrible.  It makes me want to scare them just enough so that they want to capitulate and do whatever will make me feel better.

And that is emotional abuse.  So whatever this is it makes me want to emotionally abuse someone who cares about me.  That’s messed right up.

But you know, I don’t think I’ve recognized this before – not this specifically and not while it’s happening. And now I can identify it.  When I can identify these things as they are starting to happen, I can stop them.  And if I didn’t stop it in time  I can apologize and ask forgiveness with genuine contrition and remorse.

As much as it sucks that I have such an evil urge, I’m thankful that I finally know how to see it and stop it.