Two-Word Poems

Something afoot.



All that has happened, they are your prayers that are answered!  How the answers come in ways we would not choose.  Surely, though, it was you who prayed I stop hurting you.  It was you that prayed I stop hurting others. It was you that prayed I cease damning myself!

You used your prayers for me.  You offered sacrifices for me.  My love, God has answered you, and shown truly that the rays of God are not the ways of man.  You have suffered greatly at my hand and for my soul.  In his answer to your prayers, God has given me the grace to suffer for yours.

Beloved, your prayers have saved me!  Let ours together now save us.  Oh, dear one, my wife, come home that we may build it up again with love, laughter, tears, and faith.

It is time.  It is time today.  Come home, my love.  Come home.