Unto Death

Amate Deum

Moving on.  Starting again.  Letting yourself be happy.  And other popular arguments for why I should accept the demise of my marriage, and live as though unmarried.  They do not embody what it is to live a moral life, conformed to the will of God.  When we truly live a moral life, we find joy not in the pleasures of the senses, but in what is good and what is true, and living it.  So, to move on, and start again with someone new, in order to let myself “be happy” is not at all what it seems on its surface.  It would be to betray my wife.  It would not simply be to betray my wife every day, but in fact to construct my life wholly for the accommodation that betrayal.  I would live every day not just betraying my beloved, but for betraying her.  It would be to…

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