Can’t believe what I destroyed

Edit: still hope I’m wrong about sentences 2-5.

All I want, at the end of this long ass Friday at the end of this long ass week is to go home and have my wife tell me she loves me.  But she isn’t there, and she doesn’t love me.  She never will be, and she’s never going to.  I will never get to go home to someone again, and I did that to myself.  And that’s the existent I get to live out for the rest of my life.

To every husband in the world, imagine being in my situation.  Imagine desperately wanting, needing to prove you love her, and that she has something good to come back to if only she’ll come back.  Imagine all the things you would do to prove it.  To show her.  Do them now, and never stop.

I don’t know how to keep going by myself, but I guess I’ll find out.


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