You Were Not a Conquest

You were not a conquest.  Yes, I looked at women that way.  Yes it was wrong.  No it’s not a compliment or an honor that I thought of you with human decency.  But I did.  You were never a conquest.  You were never an achievement.  You were a woman.  You were a person.  I loved you, and I love you.  I knew you, and I wanted to know you.  You were a whole person, and I loved all of you.  I still love all of you.  You were not a problem to solve, or a battle to win.  You were not a prize.  You are not.  You’re a woman.  You’re my beloved.

I treated you like a conquest, like a prize, like a possession.  A lot of the time I did that.  But that is not who or what I saw when I first laid eyes on you.  I saw a person.  A woman.  I don’t deny mistreating you.  I don’t deny any of the awful ways I looked at you, or thought of you at times over the years.  But you were not a conquest.  You were never a conquest.  That is not what I wanted.  That is not what I want.

I love you.  I always loved you.  I will always love you.

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