Bad Day, but I’ll be Okay

Fucking suicidal ideation.  It’s now something that comes along, unwelcome and unaccepted, every couple of months for only a day or two, it seems.  So, I mean, that’s hugely better.  I honestly think it’s more vestigial than indicative of my current state of mental health, but who knows?  Anyway, happening today, which is reasonable because today I have a lot of reason to be very sad, but it’ll pass, and be gone for a while.  I don’t know how much it’ll come up between  now and Christmas.  Hopefully not a lot, but we’ll see.  I’ll be okay, though; I’m doing really well in general.  Living the middle of the book does kind of suck, though.


I'm getting verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. Here, I'll give you a topic...

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