Figured Out Why I Love Superman, and it’s Sad.

Between things a couple of friends have said recently, I suddenly realized why I love Superman so much.  He and the Flash are unshakably my favourites.  Recently a friend explained that why he never really found Superman very interesting was that Superman is just so powerful that there was no suspense, or excitement: you just knew he was going to defeat the bad guy.

That’s why I loved Superman.  He could do and solve anything.  Defeat any enemy.  And he could just do it; it was certain.  That’s what I wished I could do.  I didn’t want to battle the kids that bullied me, or win some noble struggle.  I wanted to end it; eradicate the problem, the problematic people, whatever.  I wanted to throw them over with a flick of my wrist, not win an epic, evenly matched battle.  I felt totally powerless, all the time, and I just wanted to be Superman.  Superman couldn’t lose.  They’d have to leave Superman alone.  Nothing could happen to Superman.  Why couldn’t I just be Superman?

I guess that’s also why I always cry at the end of Fred Claus.


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