The Person I was Supposed to Become

Before so many heinous things derailed me, some imposed upon me and others I freely chose, I was becoming a much different man than the one I have been.  It seems that underneath or behind the way I appeared, even to myself, I did continue to become that man.  At long last, he has emerged, or perhaps reemerged.  I had been convinced that he was unrecoverable; that he was lost to the realm of what might have been.  He is found!  Please, world, let me introduce him to you, and share him with you.  He carries light, hope, and love with him, not darkness and fear.  He is like the trees that turn poison into life-giving oxygen; more than he consumes, he exudes.  He is me.  I am him.  I am me.


2 thoughts on “The Person I was Supposed to Become”

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