Steady as She Goes

Well, things are very steady mood-wise.  It’s really nice.  I can’t remember a stretch of consistency like this.  It’s been 3-ish months since I increased my ADHD meds, and 7-ish since I increased my SSRI’s.  It’s also been about 3 months since I started daily prayer, and a month of daily rosary and daily mass.  All of those things are contributing.  It’s really nice.

I keep wanting to write more poetry, but nothing’s coming to me.  Oh well, I guess?  My poems aren’t very good anyway, lol.

I’m still waiting for something that may never happen, but God, and others, are teaching me patience, I think.  And teaching me to accept what I cannot control.

I don’t know… I guess that’s all.  Just thought I should check in since I haven’t posted in a while.  Mood is stable.  This exact moment feeling a little worried I’ve lost the thing I’m trying to gain back but … I already knew that.  Just more real right this moment, I guess?  I don’t know.  I also really need a coffee, so that could be it.


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