May 2016 Complete: No Sugar, No Alcohol, No Facebook + Daily mass & rosary.

The entire month of May (except for one day I drank a Gatorade and went “wait how did I forget about that?”) I consumed no refined sugar or alcohol, and stayed off of Facebook.  I only missed Facebook for a couple of people that it seems I only chat with via Facebook messenger.  Sugar is more a nuisance than anything – it’s in everything!  Alcohol didn’t really matter, but I missed beer, and hot drinks full of liqueurs.

I also went to mass, and said the rosary every day (didn’t miss a single one!) in May.  I started this for the month of devotion to Mary, and it was really positive so I’m going to continue.  On top of the spiritual aspect, going to daily mass made me get up off my butt and leave the house every day.  That’s got a lot of value by itself!

So, I’m continuing to fast from alcohol and sugar as a sacrifice to go with my prayers of petition, and just as a whole religious-ey thing.  So that means I don’t fast on Sundays or Solemnities (which is essentially a Feast Day that got a promotion) and accepting hospitality is a greater good than fasting, so I will graciously accept a drink, or a dessert, offered by someone.  As Catholic loopholes go, those are some pretty great ones.  I’m also going to not be as vigilant on the sugar thing.  I’m going to abstain from sweets, more so.  I’m going to eat BBQ sauce if it goes on what I’m making, but not going to eat ice cream.  I will continue until … I am working out a formula for this.  Something along the lines of as long as it takes to receive an answer, plus x days.

I’m going to put Facebook messenger back on my phone, I think, but not go back on Facebook until I figure out what I’m doing with that.  I’ve broken the habit of using it all the time, so I want to start using it reasonably.  So I’ll figure out some criteria for limiting my usage, I guess.  Comment if you have suggestions.

Also, if you have suggestions for other fasts and sacrifices comment.  I’m asking God for some rather large, some would say impossible things.  And, even knowing it still might not work, I’ll do what it takes!


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