Taking Care of Myself :)

I have been having a frustrating, difficult day.  I took a shower, and had a great shave.  I ate some quality food.  I’ve been out of Ritalin for a couple of weeks, because of a snafu with my coverage.  I called in and got a counselling appointment to make sure my treatment stays on track.  So I’ll see my psychiatrist and if the paperwork on the meds doesn’t get underway before then I can make sure of it then.  I have called the clinic, and the doctor directly about it, so I’m doing what I can on that.

I took a breath and labelled my emotions. That strategy’s been pretty useful since I started using it a bit before Christmas.  It definitely helped today.

I sent some important stuff to someone important to me.  Hopefully they see it as a sign I truly am taking care of myself, and making real changes in my life.  We’ll see.

I’m anxious, disappointed, frustrated, deflated, and tired.  I’m feeling better now,though.  And I wasn’t that down to start with, just lower than I’ve been lately.

I had a shower, and a really great shave, which always makes me feel good.  It really did have a good effect today.  My face feels awesome, and I think I look great today.


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