It’s January, and I Feel Good!

We’re starting on the last week of January, and not only do I feel better than usual, I actually feel GOOD!  And I feel good without having to use any tricks.  I mean, I don’t consider any of these sorts of tricks to be cheating in any way.  I make a point of dressing nicely, having a really good shave, cooking myself an elaborate and delicious meal, etc. to make me feel better about myself, life, and just generally better.  Most winters, I need those kinds of tools to get by.  I don’t this year.  I’m not having to do that stuff; I haven’t really done much of it.  I’ve cooked, of course, but I haven’t done anything especially fancy: just normal winter fare, like chili, pasta sauce, and stews.  I haven’t worn a suit specifically to pick myself up.  I did one day this month for somewhere I was going, for someone else’s benefit.   I did a couple of times in December, more so just because I felt like it, but a little to improve my mood.  But all of January, and I haven’t done that stuff.  I don’t feel just okay.  I feel good.  Genuinely good.  It’s amazing.  It’s empowering.  It’s inspiring.  It’s rewarding.  I don’t know what else to say about it.  The whole situation has me contentedly flabbergasted.


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