Done What I Can

So, one of the conflicts I’ve been cryptically writing about, I have now done everything I can on my end to move beyond the past.  I’ve sent three important messages in the past 8 days.  I accepted responsibility, and apologised as completely as I possibly could, for my part.  I extended forgiveness for everything in the past.  I laid out what’s changed so that there can be some good faith we won’t end up in the same place.  As I see it, that’s all there is.

A contrite apology is either accepted, or it isn’t, and need only be made once.  That isn’t to say it has to be accepted immediately, but the apology doesn’t need to be, nor should it be, remade in the time between being offered, and being accepted.

Forgiveness can either be taken as genuine, or not.  Once forgiveness is granted, it doesn’t actually matter whether the recipient believes it.  If it was granted for real, that’s it; it’s over and done for the granting party.  It cannot, and should not, be re-granted, because it remains extant.

One can either believe, or not believe, that the situation will truly be different going forward.  Offering up the same explanation multiple times will not change it.  So, again, it need not, and should not, be repeated.

For my part, I’ve cleaned the slate.  It is in their hands now, to decide if they will do the same.  As far as the past is concerned, I have done all I can.


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