Reasessing Yesterday’s Mood

If you read my post yesterday, you know I felt pretty crappy.  It was the yelling in my car at other drivers, generally frustrated and irate with everything, sort of day.  I forgot both m meds, and to eat for most of the day.  So, my mood was crappy, but then I wasn’t depressed, but then those can be manifestations of depression.  I was going to call my mood a 7/10 (I’ve been tracking it like this since I made a change in my medication) because there were other factors affecting it.  I have a “mood” column, and a “thoughts” column, and every morning, I rate the previous day’s mood, and thoughts, out of 10.  Just a subjective rating of how good I thought they were.  I also have a column for each pill I take (1 for took it, 0 for didn’t) and one for thoughts of self-harm (1 for present, 0 for not).  Then I remembered I have this “notes” column.  It was meant originally to track side effects and stuff with the change in medication, but it soon came to be as much a journal as anything, which REALLY helped.  A LOT.  So I’m a total believer in journaling.  But I’ve actually been forgetting to make notes in the original purpose, which includes things like “didn’t eat today” or “had nine cups of coffee” or “had some twitching in my left arm” etc.  So, I dropped my score for mood down to 6, and am about to note the other factors from yesterday, primarily not eating, and the messed up sleep.  I kept my thoughts score at 8, because all day long yesterday I was aware of my mood, and what was likely causing it, and did a pretty good job of managing it, and keeping it in perspective in the grand scheme.  So, there you go!


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