Forgot my Meds

Fell asleep really late last night, and slept until after noon.  It was okay; I’ve been short on sleep lately because of work and whatnot, so I needed it.  But then I forgot to take my pills, went out to do some errands, and now it’s really too late to take them.  Also haven’t eaten much of anything, or had much water to drink.  Plus no one in this ridiculous city can drive worth a damn, so put all that together and I’m not feeling awesome.  Going to make some dinner now, that I’ve really been looking forward to, so that will help.  Got myself some beer.  Probably shouldn’t have spent money on that, but I decided to splurge and have a beer with dinner, and a couple for the football games this weekend.  In case anyone’s worried, I bought 4 x500 mL cans and they’ll last at least part way into the second divisional game tomorrow, but probably until Monday or Tuesday.  Not self-medicating, I just enjoy craft beer, so it’s more like a bowl of ice cream, or some chocolate would be for other people.  That is to say I’m drinking the beer for the beer, not for the alcohol in it.

So, anyway, not sure what connection not having taken my meds has with my kind of shitty mood, but I guess it must have some.  Anyway, now to grind some cumin, and make my chili!


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