Setting real goals; proper ones!  S.M.A.R.T. goals!  I’ve needed to do this forever, and now I am.  Working hard at focussing on what I can do now, rather than what I didn’t do in the past.  I’m doing a decent job at that.  I have a great map on my whiteboard now.  Might pick up another couple of whiteboards, or posterboard even, to do even better visual tracking.  I’ve really got some good stuff going, though.  This is the start of being better, all the time.

I’m naming my goals.  I’m breaking them down into incremental goals.  I’m developing visual tracking systems for motivation.  I’m recognising and celebrating all the little victories.  That doesn’t mean I’m throwing a party every time I check something off, or anything ridiculous.  A little fist pump, and self-praise is a celebration.  I’ve got some more I’m actually going to write out right now.  In fact, I’m going to write another post, right now, about that!



I'm getting verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. Here, I'll give you a topic...

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