Don’t know what to do next

I know I don’t have ultimate control over the outcome of a current, really awful situation.  That doesn’t mean I can’t influence it, and do what is within my control to make it go in the direction I hope for.  I have been doing that, but every time I try something, it doesn’t work.  So far, anyway.  It’s incredibly frustrating, because it’s just diminishing the number of things that might be within my control.  This is a situation where different people should be listening to the other people, and equal consideration given to each party’s point of view, opinion, or whatever.  Some parties, however, feel that only their point of view is valid, or at least the only one they need to worry about.  It’s really a debacle.  It’s making every day really hard.   It’s making me work really hard to keep myself in a good headspace.

Now, with that said, I am doing an AWESOME job of coping, if I do say so myself.  My mood has remained in the kinda crappy to pretty decent range, and is holding toward the top end.  What would be a not good, but not bad, day on my normal scale seems to be about where I’m hovering – kind of there, and a bit lower most of the time.  Writing here helps.  I’m doing the whole name your emotions thing, which is a new strategy for me and it’s really helping.  I’m keeping focused on the ultimate objective, and the relative time frame of dealing with the bullshit vs. the expected length of enjoying the end result.  I’m doing a good job.  I’m pretty proud of me.  That makes me feel better.  And now I’m up in the range of “pretty decent” because, well would you look at what a calm and rational person I am right at this moment!  Go me.  I’m awesome.


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