Musings on medication

Over the last 20 years, nearly, I have gone on, and off, medication for my depression and ADHD.  When I reject medication, it is because I want to show myself that I strong enough to handle my illness on my own, without help.  What I have learned in the last two decades, is how misguided that is.  I need, and have always needed, help.  I need help from the people in my life.  I need help from doctors.  And, yes, to be my best self, I need help in the form of medication.   I can get by without my pills, but that’s all it is – getting by.  My wife deserves my best self. My clients deserve my best self.  I deserve my best self.  I’m not satisfied with getting by; I want more than that.  I’m going to have more than that.  That’s why I’m back on my meds, and that’s why I’m ecstatic about it!


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